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Reflection #4 “To breathe and to rise”

Collaboration is all about compromise. Six individuals in the room bring a wealth of opportunities, yet the story requires a specific attention, which can only be met through selfless commitment and strong teamwork amongst the ensemble.

Compromise is hard. Ideas can seem golden and indestructible through your perspective, but simply do not go the distance according to the view of your colleagues. However, the skill of the game is about reaching that gracepoint where ideas can synthesise, or be let go of entirely with humility. That’s how the work happens – through experimentation and discussion, letting fragments arrive, and not hastening or delaying their arrival. Let the work do the work, take a step back from your own artistic ideals, and support the team. This is how wonder and awe can emerge in the space and take forth.

Collaboration is a beautiful practice when fully believed in. Sometimes it does not feel ‘good’, and other times, it is outright uncomfortable! However, when collaboration is given time to breathe and to rise, its splendour is unimaginable.

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