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reflection #2 “fullness”

We have started to run the play from start to finish. It’s been hugely encouraging and rewarding to see the fragments of complex ideas coalesce. The past few days have called into consideration the importance of stamina – physical and mental! Our stamina has been put to the test, and the spirit of our ensemble prevailed over the obstacles. Next week, we will be performing a work-in-progress sharing with an invited audience. It is exciting to wonder how this work will be received, and our hearts are open to implementing audience feedback.

From seeing all the pieces woven together, it has become clear how much of a responsibility Tunnel Vision is. We, as individuals, were the points of departure for these narratives, but this play is not about us at all. It is about real people; on the tube, in the street, or newly arriving into this small island – perpetually in passing but rarely still.

Tunnel Vision cleverly captures this element of passing. The form and content encapsulates the All-at-onceness of modern life, examining how we shuttle between love and labour, toward pain and joy, celebrating the occasional moments when strangers become companions.

It’s really starting to come together. This is very much a project to be proud of. Just gotta keep climbing.

Right – time to rest!

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