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Reflection #3 “Sheer possibility”

The work has been arriving from multiple directions, and is now beginning to settle and crystallise into a living, breathing piece of theatre. 

Through working with tech, developing text, choreographing movement and staging frenetic moments of action, we have now seen how Tunnel Vision works in its entirety, with an audience in the space to bounce off. After receiving feedback, our ensemble feels heartily motivated and inspired to implement the insights, refine the play’s strengths, and learn how to command the form of the play. The challenges we are now encountering affirm the strength of the work; they are a testament to Tunnel Vision’s potential to become more than the sum of its parts. 

Now that we have assembled a core structure through a distinct selection of theatrical languages, our primary objective is to embolden the stories – to let them sing – and coalesce with grace and compassion. We learned so much about our stories and characters in rehearsal today; how they intersect, how they diverge. The sheer possibility of how these multiple stories can converge is a thrilling prospect.

Storytelling is such a key aspect of our socio-cultural composition. Stories capture our imagination, transform our perspectives, and create bridges across, what can appear to be, uncrossable chasms. With Tunnel Vision, we are pushing ourselves to tell the stories that haven’t been told – that the world needs to hear – and our hope in completing this endeavour is only deepening each day.

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