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Reflection #1 “for the sake of the fragment”

This week, we filmed the trailer for Tunnel Vision, which is now in the editing process and due to be released soon! 

We are approaching a horizon of unity amongst our stories. The stories are now being questioned, deepened and woven together collaboratively. This process can be arduous — time-consuming, overwhelming and sometimes daunting. However, through the constant search for the stories within the stories — for the sake of the fragment — we can discover more complexities to share and celebrate with our audiences.

Tunnel Vision is a piece which requires patience. Whilst this can be said across theatre-making in general, the ambition behind the creation of Tunnel Vision can drive us towards uncertainty, most particularly, that dreaded question whispered in rehearsal rooms across the world; ‘How are we going to pull this off?’ 

It is the patience which we have granted ourselves and each other that is bringing this story forward, towards the horizon of unity. With confidence, we will continue to search beyond fear and into hope.

Anyways – back to work! Speak again soon!

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